Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Head or Leader of Akatsuki?

According to this site,

There are 3 theories about head of Akatsuki.

1. Yondaime/the 4th

2. Uchiha Mardara

3. Uchiha Obito

But, what do you think if i say that the Head of Akatsuki is Sarutobi/3th Hokage?
Maybe Yondaime or Sarutobi? I guess Sarutobi is the Head of Akatsuki. But no clear evident about this theory, so we will wait until it reveal.


choco said...

yondaime the head leader of akatsuki

Anonymous said...

the leader of the Akatsuki is obviously Uchiha Obito because he did not die unlike Madara. Marada fought the first hokage witch means he would be very old plus in the manga marada used a Resurrection jutsu on his self witch caused him not too be under Kabuto control

Anonymous said...

Yondaime can not be the leader of the Akatsuki because he died while placing a seal on Naruto while using the Forbidden Death Seal. you can see it by watching the 3rd Hokage fight Orochimaru from watching the episodes 68 in Naruto - Naruto episode 80