Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The 6th Hokage? Naruto or Kakashi?

If something happened to Tsunade, who will become the next Hokage?
Maybe Naruto but Kakashi is very suitable because he is mature and full of experiences.
Naruto is full of skills, strong but immature. So, who the next Hokage after Tsunade? Any comment, please write your comment below.


muddy said...

hye 2 all who read this..
4 me,kakashi is the suitable person to be the next hokage@the 6th..bcoz he has more exp than that yellow spiky naruto..
we can see that kakashi is one of the greatest ninja in mokuba now..
eventhough naruto have the ninetails monster inside him,but still cant be an excellence ninja 4 this period of time..>_<..

Adhaerens said...

Thank for ur comment..
we wait n see who will be the next Hokage. Maybe someone more suitable

muddy said...

i hope so..huhu..
oh yea,why there is no one else give their comment here??so bored..

Adhaerens said...

maybe konohamaru is d next hokage huhuh

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